HAAISCO Policies

Compliance Policy

The Code of Ethics and Conduct of HAAISCO establishes the respect to legality, human rights and ethical values and the transparency in management. Following these principles and values of the company, HAAISCO has been equipped with a Compliance Management System.
The main objectives of HAAISCO in terms of Compliance are:
The Compliance Policy of HAAISCO applies to all directors, managers, and employees of HAAISCO.

Anti-Corruption Policy

In order to prevent corruption, HAAISCO will carry out all its activities in accordance with current legislation governing all areas of activity and is committed to compliance with the following principles set out in the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Compliance with legislation and ethical values
Comply with current legislation and internal regulations, acting in accordance with the values and the Code of Ethics and Conduct of HAAISCO.

Zero tolerance to bribery and corruption
Promote a culture that is opposed to both bribery and corruption, where it is prohibited to influence the will of third parties in order to gain an advantage, preferential treatment or a guarantee of obtaining benefits for the company.
Avoid the undue delivery and/or receipt, directly or indirectly, of commissions, payments or gifts that will benefit HAAISCO’s operations.

Prevention of money laundering and transparent communication
Avoid payments and collections in cash, monitoring the origin and purpose of the funds in order to comply with regulations on money laundering and/or financing of terrorism.

Transparent relationship with the community
Avoid undue payments such as facilitation payments to public officials, undue payments under the guise of donations, or direct or indirect financing of political parties, representatives or candidates.

Conflicts of interest
Act with loyalty and defend the interests of HAAISCO, avoiding any situations that could give rise to a conflict between personal interests and those of the Company, whether through activities or operations outside the company or as a result of personal or economic interests associated with Company transactions. Any conflict of interest shall be reported through the Channels set up for this purpose.

Monitoring of the ownership and confidentiality of data
Comply with all regulations regarding Information Security and Data Protection in force, following and respecting the HAAISCO’s measures for preventing outside parties and employees from gaining unauthorized access to information and/or data.

Control, reliability and transparency
Reflect faithfully and adequately all actions, operations and transactions of the Company in its books and records, in accordance with the principle of control, reliability and transparency of the HAAISCO’s information.

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