Bahri Floating Barges SWRO Desalination Plant

Bahri Floating Barges SWRO Desalination Plant

Operation and maintenance of three (3) floating SWRO Desalination Barges in Yanbu.

Client is the National Shipping Carrier of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) and the end user is Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC).

The three (3) floating desalination barges are located on the Red Sea in Yanbu. Each barge to produce 50,000 m3/day of potable water. Treatment scheme comprises Ultrafiltration, Seawater and Brackish water RO system. Potabilization System comprises CO2 Storage and Dosing System, Hydrated Lime Storage and Dosing System and Chorine dioxide generation, storage and dosing system.

Potable water is stored in SWCC’ Potable Water Storage tanks onshore.


Seawater desalination process is very energy-intensive. We are committed to desalination sustainability by optimizing reverse osmosis plants to increase their efficiency and reduce the amount of energy used for desalination thus reducing the emissions and carbon footprint of desalination Plants. We have been using energy recovery devices in order to minimize energy consumption.

Technologies and Solutions:

Seawater Intake System
Seawater intake screens installed subsea (offboard) are provided to screen out floating debris and marine life at the point of seawater withdrawal to protect the downstream intake pumping. Screened raw seawater to the downstream RO plant is supplied from the intake pumping via the Seawater Intake Pumps.
Pre-treatment Chemicals
Sodium Hypochlorite for shock chlorination and Ferric Chloride for coagulation.
Ultrafiltration System
The integrated ultrafiltration (UF) system is designed to filter prescreened raw seawater at the required quality and quantity for the downstream RO process.

RO Section
Three (3) sets of eight (8) units of RO Pass-1 and four (4) units of RO Pass-2 supplied for the complete
system are designed to produce a total net capacity of 150,000 m3/day with each barge producing net of 50,000 m3/day.

Sodium Bisulfite and Antiscalant are dosed for pre-treatment prior to feeding the UF permeate to downstream RO pass 1 units.

RO Pass 1 energy recovery system (PX units), to recover waste energy from SWRO concentrate, with booster pump and the associated piping.

Product Water Break Tanks
The combined permeate from RO Pass-2 units are collected and temporarily stored onboard via the two (2) nos. Product Water Break Tanks.
Post-treatment (Remineralization)
The combined permeate water from RO pass 2 units is aggressive in nature. Therefore, remineralization is carried out offshore by dosing lime solution along with carbonic acid solution in the blended RO permeate water line to condition (remineralize) the desalinated water prior to final distribution and use. Chlorine Dioxide is also dosed to maintain sanitary conditions in the potable water storage, transmission and distribution piping.

Product Water Storage Tanks
Potable (remineralized) water is then transferred to the downstream
Product Water Storage Tanks.

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